Family owned and operated by the Immersi family, CarsforFilms.net is located in Newark and Belleville New Jersey. 

We have  been serving and providing vehicles to the Film industry since 1979. Cars For Films has earned a great reputation of providing on point picture cars and auto related props to some of the most recognized film and production companies that film on the East Coast.

We understand what it takes to get the job done and we take great pride in the services that we offer! Over the years we have supplied vehicles to the most respected prop masters in the Industry

You have probably seen our vehicles in movies and TV series such as Creed II, Bourne Ultimatum, The Today Show and SNL to mention a few.

Carsforfilms.net  provide:

  • Antiques (Model T’s, Model A’s etc.) car rental
  • Classics (Mustangs, Buicks etc.)
  • Blocking Trucks
  • Emergency Vehicles (Police, Swat, Fire trucks)
  • Limousines, Taxis and cars from all decade